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Philosophy and Values #attainable

In software development there can be positive contributions from individuals that come from a team orientation, while maintaining individual integrity and positive emotional control.

Coaching Philosophy

When deciding on a professional coach it’s important to understand that person’s philosophy towards mentorship and coaching. Here are things I believe about coaching, and if you have more questions, please feel free to reach out and ask.

I believe:

  • We are unique in our needs
  • We can learn to navigate environments while maintaining authenticity
  • Our professional life is not removed from our personal life
  • Software is a balance between science and art
  • You are capable of being happy and fulfilled

With these beliefs, I coach people to reframe experiences so that they find ways to understand and experience success, without sacrificing who they are. The work we do together could also lead to you finding new opportunities that better match your expectations and skills. Together we’ll work on you, for you and your career.

I am not a licensed or certified counselor. I am not a doctor or a lawyer.


Emotional control

Each of us have different capacities for emotional control. It is critical that we understand how to regulate ourselves in order to be healthy, as well as to be a positive influence to others around us. In order to become self-regulated, we each need a safe place to practice, to vent, and to move forward with support and guidance.


In order to be a positive contributor and improve our experiences with others, we need to be capable of empathy. Both in the perspective of understanding others, as well as understanding ourselves. Consistently applying empathy to our work and ourselves, we’ll find new path ways to success.


Good relationships require healthy and persistent practices of honesty. It is important we allow others to be honest with us, as well as exercising our own honesty, so that our experience is clear and unpolluted with ambiguities and indifferences.

Iteration and constant evolution

Any good thing is worth doing over and over again, improving each time. The best path to success is repetitive, and constantly evolving, as new concepts are learned and applied.

Individual empowerment, with team orientation

Nearly all our efforts are entangled with others. Being a strong individual requires healthy and positive skills for navigating others. We don’t want to lose ourselves for the sake of being a team player, and we don’t want to sacrifice the power that comes from being a part of a group. Finding ways for our team to thrive, while maintaining our identity and individual achievement is one of the strongest skillsets we can achieve.

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