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All of us are striving to be better. Some of us want to move into leadership roles that can be either technical or people related. Good leadership is a combination of skill and experience, and both can be attained through practice. Some of us aren’t interested in leadership roles, but do want to be provided with more responsibility and in some cases a chance to own a product or project. Developers can certainly find material online to help them understand new technologies, or provide them instruction on the latest agile process. But there is very little help for working with other people and creating positive collaborations. In the worst cases, we allow ourselves to be unheard, and in better cases, we miss the opportunities because we’re simply unprepared.

Intimidation, nerves, and patience

All software developers will experience opportunities to show their skills, whether through presentations or one-on-one collaborations. These moments can be intimidating, especially when working with more senior developers. If it isn’t intimidating, it is most certainly can be panic inducing because we all experience nervousness. For some of us (especially the introverts) this could be overwhelming. How do we experience these moments and make them positive, even fun interactions?

Bad past experiences

Unfortunately the chances that you’ll experience a bad time giving presentations or sharing your ideas are pretty good. For many of us this comes from pure inexperience and typical mistakes, but on occasion it’s due to the company culture or possibly one or two people who create difficult environments to collaborate in. Most often there are simple things that can make for bad experiences like rushed planning, lack of product vision, or sometimes poor delegation of work. These can create lasting mental barriers and false sense of inability for some.

What we can do?

For many people getting over their nerves is unimaginable, but with coaching it can be achieved. Environments that are not friendly or conducive to collaboration can be navigated, but require special care so that we don’t succumb to the culture and we maintain our own personal authenticity. In our coaching sessions we can perform role-playing exercises that allow you to present your ideas, or practice your thoughts, with someone who can provide you the guidance you need to make the best effort, while maintaining your authenticity. We’ll go over methods for presenting your work, writing documentation that is valuable, and helping you grow patience for your opportunities to occur. You can attain the best experience to help grow your career.

I am an engineering manager, product engineer, full-stack developer, and professional coach, with over 20 years of experience in application and systems development. I am successfully putting together code and culture for any size team, from enterprise to start-up.

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