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I don’t have freedom too …

With micro-management you'll find that often you can't change the environment. You have the choice to adapt and find ways to maintain your authenticity, or look for different opportunities that better fit your style. Together we will find ways to work within these environments, while expressing ourselves, deliver inspiring work, and maintain adherence to the systems and guidelines, or we will work to get you out.
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This would be better using …

Many of us need help formulating arguments for big and lengthy refactoring projects. It’s not enough to just state the obvious, it requires some art and in our sessions we’ll work on communication styles and develop plans that are appealing and worthy of attention.
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There’s always one …

There are always difficult people to work with, but that should not ruin our experiences. We can navigate ways through, around, or over folks who create friction.
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I want more …

All of us are striving to be better. There are conditions we face that may seem limiting, but with coaching can be overcome.
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